Who retires and gets a crazy idea to start a lavender farm? My dad!

The year was 1999. He planted thousands of lavender plants on the hillsides of his property in Salinas, California and sent me down to the Monterey farmer’s market to peddle it.


I was fresh out of college, full of anxiety and depressed about my ambiguous career path. Each week when I would come home from farmer’s market, I noticed that my clothes and my car had a distinctive smell—that floral yet woodsy aroma that calms the mind and soothes the soul—lavender! And even better, I noticed the anxiety and depression I had battled in college had merely dissipated.

I wanted a way for all people to experience this calming scent on a daily basis at an affordable price. As a family, we developed the lavender dryer sachet: a porous bag filled with just lavender flowers. Toss one into the clothes dryer and it infuses laundry and linens with the relaxing aromas of lavender. Furthermore, people could take these sachets with them on the go and use them in their cars, luggage, and more as an all-natural scent booster and source of aromatherapy.

I had friends using the sachets as a calming agent during child birth. Other friends told me they carried sachets with them on airplanes to help them relax. Moms were stuffing them into their kid’s backpacks to help relieve their children of anxiety during school. Yes! If our sachets were helping so many people, I needed to spread the lavender love.

In 2017 my father passed away, but I continue to improve Purple Pastures and develop new products that help others relieve stress. Each year, we donate our lavender sachets to local causes in an effort to reduce anxiety in the world. Emergency room nursing stations, homeless shelters, and high schools that have experienced trauma have all been gifted our lavender sachets.

You can shop stress-free knowing that our business is based on the core values of integrity, quality and harmony. Our products can be found in thousands of retail stores nation-wide. Wholesale buyers can find us on RangeMe.com or by following our 3 step purchasing process. Furthermore, we are proud to be a certified woman-owned company through WBENC.

We at Purple Pastures Lavender Farm hope you can find some calm amongst the chaos as well. Shop all of our lavender products online or find us in your local natural foods store, and sachet the day away! Cheers,


President (and quite literally, the farmer’s daughter) Purple Pastures Lavender Farm, Inc.

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