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Toss in the clothes dryer for 5-10 cycles to infuse laundry with the fresh scent of lavender.
Packaging and product that's environmentally friendly. It's all compostable and recyclable.
Relax knowing it's just one ingredient.. lavender! Good for you, and good for the earth.

“Lovely, pure lavender scent that makes our clothing smell heavenly. Well-made sachets. I use them over and over in many dryer cycles.”

Ashlea G

“Real lavender! - love these in my dryer and use them in so many other ways. my car, closet and purse all have one so I get that beautiful lavender aroma all day long. not a fake smell, this is real lavender!”


“This little bag is full of fresh scent options. I mostly use for towels and sheets but find myself placing in other random locations. I store one in my pillow, car glove box, motorcycle helmet, and have also placed on my vacuum filter. This makes the whole house smell like lavender."


“Highly recommended. I love the lavender!

This is a great product for use in finishing your laundry. My clothes come out smelling really fresh, almost like spring itself. The sachets are easy to use and i usually get several uses out of each one."



These are great! The fresh smell exceeds all other similar products I've used in the past. I highly recommend!"


"This product is AMAZING! My new go to for all things laundry. Not only does the scent transcend you but each sachet can be used multiple times. Another quality that I liked about this product is that it can be used in any space in which you desire the scent. Definitely worth the buy!"



Now more than ever, consumers want eco-friendly, safe household products made with non-toxic ingredients. With Purple Pastures Dryer Sachets, retailers can finally offer an in-demand lavender product that is natural and reusable.

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Each year we donate 10% of our profits to a teen ministry program and thousands of sachets to local causes in need of a little lavender love, from teen centers to nursing stations. We share the relaxing vibes of our powerful plant with our community.